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Mel Pearson Memorial Tournament

Tournament 2016-17
2016-17 x Tournament

Pool A                    

Flin Flon Bomber Oldtimers       

Flin Flon Reliance Rhinos              

Thompson Flyers                

Gillam Chargers                

The Pas Huskies Red     

Swan River Broncos                

Thompson Jets              

Pool B

Flin Flon Firemen

Flin Flon McKeens Trucking  

The Pas Huskies Black

Norway House Northstars

OCN Blizzard

Thompson Canadiens

Thompson Wild

Swan River Colts

Tournament Rules 2016

1. Rules will be governed by CAHA and MAHA regulations.

2. All calls and decisions made by the referee on the ice are final.

3. Coaches are responsible for conduct of their players on and off the ice.

4. All round robins games will be 2 - 25 minute straight time periods with the last 2 minutes of the game being stop time.  The finals will be 2 - 25 minute straight time periods with the last 5 minutes being stop time. There will be a 5 minute warm up and a 2 minute intermission between periods.  Ice maintenance will occur at the end of every game, time permitting.

5. To minimize stoppages in play and to keep the players engaged, offsides will only be called when a pass is made from the neutral or defensive zone to a teammate who is already in the offensive zone.  In this case, the play will be whistled dead and a face off will take place at the corresponding offside faceoff dot.  

6. Penalty duration shall be the same in straight time as it would normally be in stop time. E.g. 2 minute minor = 2 minute straight or stop time. Should a team be shorthanded and spending excessive time changing lines, a further 2 minute penalty for delaying the game may be assessed at the absolute discretion of the referees.

7. In the event of a tie in the finals, there will be overtime as follows:

  • 2 minutes sudden death - 5 on 5 straight time

  • then 2 minutes sudden death - 4 on 4 straight time

  • then 2 minutes sudden death - 3 on 3 straight time

  • then 2 minutes sudden death - 2 on 2 straight time

  • then 2 minutes sudden death - 1 on 1 straight time

Changes can only be made while play is in progress. In the event the game is still tied, 3 players will be designated from each team for a shoot out.

This will continue until the tie is broken. A player can only take one turn until the entire roster has taken a shot.

There will be no overtime in the event of a tie in round robin play.

8. In the event that the tournament time schedule cannot be met, the tournament committee will have the privilege of making minor adjustments.

9. All team members shall be ready to play 15 minutes before the scheduled game begins in which they are taking part. Any team that is not on the ice and ready to commence play at the scheduled time shall be assessed 1 goal against for every 5 minutes the game is delayed.

10. Participating teams will be designated as HOME and VISITORS as per tournament programs. In the event that a color clash occurs the home team shall be required to change sweaters.

11. Positions for the final games will be determined by most points in round robin play: 2 points per win and 1 point per tie.

12. In the event of a tie, MAHA Handbook Section k7 (d) Tie Breaker (65) shall apply. See page 79.

13. No body contact.

14. Mercy play - 7 goal lead - running time.

15. In the event of an injury/suspension of a player no additions to team rosters will be allowed.

16. Any given player may only score 3 goals per game.

17. All Players shall have equal time.